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Plenty of commercial landlords never intended to get into the business; it just fell into their lap. They just happened to own a piece of real estate that made for a perfect office building. Or they found that their store was making them more money as a rental property than it was as a frame shop. READ MORE >>

A recent bill was passed that affects a significant amount of business owners in the United States. Assembly Bill 2883 will require that certain officers, directors, and partners of private corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies (LLC) be covered under the business workers’ comp insurance policy. READ MORE >>

Business Personal Property versus Tenants Improvements & Betterments Most people know that when you lease an office you need to insure all of the property you bring to that office that will be used in your business.  This is covered under "Business Personal Property". READ MORE >>

As a business owner, you’re probably familiar with employment laws that ban you from discriminating against both job candidates and employees based on gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion or disability. Even so, your workplace may be fostering such hostility without your knowledge. READ MORE >>

Running a small accounting practice has many advantages. You can be nimble and provide a personalized level of client service that large accounting firms simply can’t match. Here are five ways to make your accounting firm more efficient, productive and effective: 1. Maximize technology. READ MORE >>

Even lawyers have to hire lawyers sometimes. The legal profession is rife with legal risks. A study by the American Bar Association found that malpractice claims against lawyers have risen significantly in recent years, according to a report by LexisNexis. READ MORE >>

Upper Extremity Cumulative Trauma (CTD’s) can cut short the careers of dentists and dental hygienists. To combat this threat, dentists may need to make ergonomic adjustments to the work environment. Upper Extremity Cumulative Trauma’s (CTD’s) are the result of excessive demands on the body from the tip of the fingers to the back of the neck. READ MORE >>

U.S. businesses lose billions of dollars each year to employee theft. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports that 30 percent of small business failures are caused by employee theft and estimates that 75 percent of all employees steal once, and one-half of those steal a second time. READ MORE >>

As a small business owner, you understand the importance of commercial insurance to protect your business’ assets and liability risks. However, even with a good business insurance policy in place, some incidents result in expenses so high that they exceed policy limits. READ MORE >>

As you know, there is more to web development than creating websites. The other part of the job is seeking clients, agreeing on a price for your services and making sure you get paid for your work. That aspect of the job can get stressful at times, but there is yet another source of stress. READ MORE >>

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