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Mitchell & Mitchell Insurance Agency Blog: professional liability insurance

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You strive to provide your clients with expert services and advice. After all, you want to satisfy them and meet their needs. However, there is always a chance that your hard work might not pay off. A customer might claim that you caused them harm. They might even sue you. READ MORE >>

When you work as a certified public accountant, you’ll handle a lot of money. For example, you might calculate taxes for multiple customers. They expect you to do your work professionally and provide a safe environment to visit. If you make a mistake that harms a customer, what can you do to help them? READ MORE >>

Management consultants often move from one company to the next providing expert-level services. They guide businesses in numerous decisions. This may include financial decisions, marketing efforts, and buying and selling points. In doing so, they provide an expert level of service or professional service. READ MORE >>

Business insurance must provide a company with as much financial protection as is necessary to keep the business open and functioning, even when a claim is made against the company. Mistakes happen. In some cases, accusations are made even if a mistake was not made. READ MORE >>

Business consultants have the goal of providing high-quality service to their clients on an ongoing basis. Consultants often work to solve problems, provide insight or answer important questions. Their job does come with some risks though. For that, you need business insurance. READ MORE >>

Did you know?  As a plan insured of our AICPA Professional Liability Program you have access to exclusive engagement letter boilerplates?  Just go to this link: to access the Policyholder Resource Center by inputting your Professional Liability policy number. READ MORE >>

Many dental hygienists work in pain or know others suffering from musculoskeletal disorders, known as MSDs. Tendonitis, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other MSDs are injuries caused by wear and tear to the tendons, nerves, muscles, and joints. READ MORE >>

Almost all insureds answer "yes" to the multiple engagement letter questions on professional liability applications. However, if you check with a carrier's claims dept., an adjuster will probably tell you they see engagement letters on less than half the claims they handle. READ MORE >>

Most engineers are familiar with Murphy's Law—that if anything can go wrong, it will. This law is particularly apt for engineers since they work on projects that are often complex and involve lots of people working together on tight schedules. READ MORE >>

Being focused in  underwriting and marketing lawyer's professional liability insurance, its easy and sometimes concerning to spot trends in this volative arena. Clearly, one trend seen here in California this year has been the exiting of a significant number of carriers from the LPL market. READ MORE >>

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